Aura & Chakra Photography

Connect with your true spiritual self! Find the courage to heal yourself today!

Benefits of Aura & Chakra Photography

The Aura & Chakra photography program will help you to explore your Inner World of Body, Mind and Spirit. Understand and feel your own aura.

The human aura is a blueprint for spiritual healing. It is not just a fuzzy glow but 7 layers that expand outwards from the body. Each layer contains it’s own catalogue of information about you.

Discover the source of your illness
Learn how to activate your Soul and become the master of your own health
Discover your own healing abilities
Recharge your aura – your energy batteries
Use sound and colours in your daily life.
Direct and focus energy to achieve your goals.

Home Aura Photography Party*

Hostess receives a free aura photo and 3 pages report and reading.

* minimum 6 participants

Rates | Aura & Chakra Photography

Aura Photo Headshot, Aura Chakra Image and
Mini Aura Report (3 pages) – $50

Aura Photo Headshot, Aura Chakra Image,
and Full Aura Report (23 pages) – $80

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